Brookfield Flood Control

The area where Brookfield is located was once covered with gentle prairie grass and thick forests. Native Americans settled the area and built villages where they lived, hunted and farmed. In 1888, Samuel Eberly Gross, a real estate investor from Chicago, began purchasing large parcels of land on both sides of the railroad track. He developed the area, called it “Grossdale” and offered lots for sale. Grossdale was incorporated in November 1893 and the name was officially changed to Brookfield in 1905.

Brookfield overcame many obstacles to become the thriving village that it is today. Home to the Chicago Zoological Park (a/k/a Brookfield Zoo), Brookfield is a proud community with a rich past. For more information, there are several ways to contact the village offices. You can call 708-485-7344 or use one of the other means of contact here.

Brookfield programs available for flood control and basement flooding

Brookfield may have a flood mitigation program for residents. You should contact the Village Offices at the number above to inquire about rebate programs currently available.

If your home is flooding in Brookfield, call Xpert Flood Control & Seepage, Inc.

Dealing with home flooding issues is stressful and unnecessary when you have the flood experts of Expert Flood Control & Seepage to help. Our Brookfield flood control team consists of highly trained and experienced Brookfield plumbers and flood prevention specialists who work together to diagnose the problem and devise a plan that will keep your home dry and safe. We receive hundreds of calls from homeowners in Brookfield who are experiencing home flooding issues or problems with their sewer system. We want to help correct these issues once and for all so that homeowners need not continue dealing with the frustration of having wet basements and backed-up sewer lines.

In order to diagnose the specific problem, our technicians use state-of-the-art equipment such as sewer cameras to determine if your sewer lines are damaged or if there is simply a blockage. Our waterproofing team will inspect your foundation and walls to determine if cracks are present that are allowing water to seep into your home. Then we can install flood control systems such as sump pumps, waterproofing membranes and drain systems to keep the water out of your home.

When you think Brookfield Flood Control , think Xpert Flood Control and Seepage, Inc. Contact our office today by calling 1-773-267-5000 or emailing us at .

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