Plumbing and Flood Control Products

  • flood prevention valve
  • ejector sump pump switch
  • ejector sump pump
  • battery backup sump pumps system

Areas of Expertise

Xpert Flood Control and Seepage Inc prides itself on providing the very best flood control products available. The materials and designs provide years of trouble-free service and are backed by our incredible warranty.

Battery Backup

Xpert has several types of flood control battery backups to choose from.

Ejector Pumps and Sump Pumps

Completely submersible ejector pump for use in handling waste water and sewage

Flood Control Valve

The preventer provides absolute protection against sewer backup and does so completely automatically.

Other Services

Xpert provides a variety of plumbing and flood control installation, and flood management systems.

Why Choose Us

Xpert is a licensed, bonded and insured Illinois Corporation and a member of the Better Business Bureau and Angies List. Xpert is committed to customer satisfaction. We believe that the more you learn about flooding and the ways to control it, the better off you will be to make a more knowledgeable decision about your flood and seepage prevention needs.


Xpert offers a lifetime guarantee on our Preventer PlusTM valves, drain tile systems as well as a lifetime unconditional guarantee against defects in materials and workmanship with annual service. We will replace any defective part free of charge (excludes pumps).