Sewer Lines and Sewer Drains

sewer lines and drains

Xpert Flood Control has been installing sewer related products for over 30 years. Unlike our line of Flood Prevention products that are used to resolve basement flooding issues, our line of sewer related products are usually related to drainage issues.

New sewer lines are installed when sewer lines become so manifested with tree roots that they can no longer drain due to root infiltration or broken sewer tiles. Rod out stations are installed to provide better access to isolated problem areas.

Catch Basins that have collapsed can either be repaired or replaced. Area drain and trough drains can be added to provide additional drainage to areas that do not drain properly such as stair wells and driveways or if its just a drainage trap it can be repaired or made larger to accommodate larger volumes of water.

Parking lot catch basin or intercept basins are repaired or replaced with precast concrete basins to provide better external strength and support against high volume traffic areas.

Xpert also provides services for the City of Chicago’s Private Sewer Program.