Backyard Flooding Prevention

backyard flooding

Never has there been anything quite as annoying as a flooding backyard. Normal daily tasks such as letting out the dog, mowing the lawn, tending to the flower beds become impossible when it’s all under water. For children, it can be twice as troublesome, water around the swings, slides and other play areas where the kids can play and use up all that unspent energy, are no longer available.

The Xpert Backyard Flooding Solution

A lot of backyard groundwater accumulates due to impermeable layers of materials such as clay and stone. Generally, low areas of the yard are constantly dealing with water runoff from higher elevations, cement drives, walkways, and roof downspouts. This stresses the soil’s infiltration abilities into the sub surface, runoff from areas as small as one acre will eventually cause backyard flooding.

Xpert uses a French drain diversion system, installed in a trenching method in the low points of your yard. This redirects water to perforated tiles and graded inlets camouflaged in the subsurface soil. Circumferenced by #6 washed stone and non clogging filters, this creates a vacuum, and channels the water to a variety of retention areas until dissipation by infiltration and or  evaporation can take place. For retention purposes Xpert uses a block or precast basin with recessed cover and a stone filled base with perforated side walls. Commonly this is installed (but not always) at a higher elevation in your yard.

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