Flood Control Valve

flood control valve

flood control valve open valve

Normal Operation

backflow prevention closed valve

Backflow (closed) Prevention

The Preventer Plus

A uniquely designed and fully equipped, precision balanced float operated valve system. The preventer provides absolute protection against sewer backup and does so completely automatically. The Preventer is a heavy gauge steel valve. It is completely galvanized and pre-threaded for longevity.

All parts are non-corrosive consisting of neoprene and plexiglass for definite and precise closing. It is designed for years of trouble-free service and is backed by a warranty.

At less than half the price of an overhead sewer, this system is installed entirely outside of your home and is the flood prevention system of the future. As flood conditions develop, the floats rise up and completely seal off the sewer line with our neoprene plexiglass gate.

No manual intervention or electricity is required – it’s completely automatic!!