Create a Flood Proof Home with Flood Defense Systems

flood controlIncrease your home flood defense by preventing basement flooding, with one of the several products by Xpert Flood Control. Home flooding is often the result of sewer back up and by installing a Flood Control System, you can ensure that flooding will not damage your home. Typically a Flood Control Valve will be installed on an existing sewer line. Create the highest flood defense by choosing from one of our configurations. Systems feature backwater valves, single gate valves, double gate valves, check valves, or balanced valves. Looking for a valve free system? We have those as well – lift stations and overhead sewers are commonly used solutions for home flood defenses.

flood control valveOverhead sewers and lift stations are equally as effective when creating a flood defense system for homes. Both of these options will be costly when compared to a flood control system, and will require deep construction such as installing pumps and breaking through flooring to reroute existing plumbing. With a lift station, all plumbing will be pumped over a portion of your sewer so that sewage and gray water does not back up into your home and cause damage. This solution required operation of the pump for 24 hours a day, and when it comes to home flood defenses, this is an invasive option. If your home sewer is carrying more than 4” of water, or by special request, a lift station can be installed in your Chicago home by Xpert Flood Control.

When choosing a flood defense option, there are several options available. A valid first step is to contact the installer of your existing system. However, companies often go out of business or stop servicing older products. When this happens, turn to Xpert Flood Control for your flood defense system needs in Chicago. We provide several annual services to our customers. Check out our extensive list:

  • Power Rod Sewer and Sink Lines
  • Cleaning Catch Basins
  • Services for Flood Control System
  • Services for Drain Tile System
  • Switches and Sump Pumps
  • Camera Analysis
  • Sewer Program in City of Chicago

Drain Tile Systems

drain tail seepage

Cracks in your walls and floors can unknowingly cause water to infiltrate into your home. These products will provide a cost-effective home flood defense solution to stop the hydrostatic pressure. We will look at how severe your particular issue is and what you want to achieve, and Xpert will work with you to find a proactive solution.

Interior Drain Tile Systems

For a complete flood defense resolution, consider the Interior Drain Tile System. This system is accompanied by Xpert Sheet Drain and is installed in the interior of your home, along the perimeter. Designed for complete protection against Hydrostatic pressure, this solution ensures that the water under your floors and around your foundation is properly channeled. Depending on local ordinances, a sump pump will then pump your water to a designated area or the city sewer system.

Exterior Drain Tile Systems

Sometimes depending on the material that makes up your foundation, an exterior solution is needed. This situation is especially common with brick and limestone foundations. Xpert will install a drain tile system outside and apply a product called Frost Shield on the foundation to stop the penetration of water and protect the foundation from further deterioration. Once water flows through the drain tile system, it will be transferred to a sump pump just as with the interior solution. The cost for an exterior system is much higher, and additional labor is required. Consider this a last option for a flood defense solution.

Foundation Cracks and Grade Seepage

Determining the cause of the flooding is essential. Often, it is simply due to small cracks in the foundation or inadequate landscaping that directs water exactly where you do not want it. If this is the case, epoxy can be used to fill in cracks and landscaping techniques can be altered to reduce water infiltration. Contact Xpert Flood Control and Seepage and let us help guide you to find the best flood defense solution available.