Create a Flood Proof Home with Flood Defense Systems

flood controlChoose from several different products designed to help you create a flood proof home by eliminating the chance of basement flooding resulting from sewer back up. Xpert Flood Control’s Flood Control Systems install a Flood Control valve on the existing sewer line. Choose from a variety of different valve options to ensure a flood proof home. Several valve types are available including, single gate valves, double gate valves, check valves, backwater valves, or balanced valves. If you would like a valve-free system, that is an option as well. Two other options that are employed for flood prevention are overhead sewers and lift stations.

flood control valveOverhead sewers are just as effective as flood control valves when creating a flood proof home. However, overhead sewers will typically cost twice as much as a standard flood control system, and will require a greater construction effort – such as breaking floors and redirecting plumbing. Lift stations, the other flood proof home option, requires rerouting the existing sewer to a flood control basin. Toilets, sinks, drains, laundry, gutters, and all other existing plumbing will be redirected up and over a portion of your sewer, so that sewage and gray water cannot backup into your home and result in flooding. This option is a rather invasive way to achieve a flood proof home, and the pump must operate for 24 hours a day. This service is performed by Xpert Flood control by request in your Chicago area home, or if more than 4” of water is found in your sewer.

Xpert Flood Control is the leader in Flood Proof Home Services in Chicago and offers a variety of flood proof home options. Although it is always best to try to reach out to the original installer for warranty purposes, companies often cease to service their products or go out of business. In this instance, Xpert Flood Control would love to evaluate and meet your specific flood proof home needs. Our services include:

  • Power Rod Sink and Sewer Lines
  • Catch Basin Cleaning
  • Sump Pumps and Switches
  • Camera Analysis
  • Flood Control System Services
  • Drain Tile System Services
  • Private Sewer Program for the City of Chicago

Drain Tile Systems

drain tail seepage

If water is infiltrating your home via cracks in the walls or floors, a drain tile system will be the answer. This is most often caused by hydrostatic pressure and Xpert can easily provide you will a cost-effective solution to create a flood proof home. We will weigh your objectives as a customer with the severity of the issue to work together to find a solution.

Interior Drain Tile Systems

This option is installed along the perimeter of the interior of your home along with an Xpert Sheet Drain. The combination of the two provides extreme flood proof home protection against Hydrostatic pressure. All water, both under your floors and around your foundation, will be channeled into the system, thereby relieving the pressure. Next, the water will be routed to a sump pump and pumped either into the city sewer or an area outside your home, depending on the codes of your particular city.

xterior Drain Tile Systems

This exterior option is often employed when a home’s foundation is constructed out of brick or lime stone. The structural integrity of the foundation can be slowly degraded by water filtration. The drain tile will be installed outside and a product called Frost Shield will be applied to the brick or limestone to stop water penetration and further deterioration. The water is then routed to a sump pump. This option is generally much more costly than the interior solution, due to the additional labor required. Only consider this when other options are not available.

Foundation Cracks and Grade Seepage

If you are experiencing flooding problems related to seepage caused by landscaping issues or foundation cracks, then some of these systems will prove to be unnecessary. All that may be needed is an Epoxy and some redesigning of your current landscape. This can reduce problem infiltration areas. Xpert Flood Control and Seepage can help guide you and provide the best flood proof home solution available.