Flood Risk Management Strategies in Chicago, IL

Flooding is a natural process, and it only presents a risk when it has a direct or indirect effect on the lives of people. During heavy rain, bodies of water will rise, and if your home is located near the lower course of a river, you are likely to live inside a flood plain and be at risk for home flooding. To decrease the quantity of homes that are affected by flooding, it is essential that a city such as Chicago implement appropriate flood management strategies.

Weather is the Cause of Most Floods

  • “The Great Chicago Flood” on April 13, 1992, damaged wall of a utility tunnel beneath the Chicago River
  • A cloudburst (Boscastle Flood of 2004)
  • Snow melt (Red River Flood of 1997)

Floods Can be Caused by Human Activities

  • Increased infrastructure (an increase of urban areas with impermeable surfaces)
  • Deforestation (reduces interception and increases runoff)
  • Disasters (hurricane or burst dam)

Xpert Flood Control providing flood risk management strategies to prevent flooding in Chicago, IL. We implement many different approaches to flood management risk include: flood control system services, drain tile system services, power rod sewer and sink lines, catch basin cleaning, sump pumps and switches, camera analysis.

The Goal of Flood Risk Management Strategies

  • Reduce the amount of water reaching house
  • Slow the flow of water
  • Increase awareness of what people should do before, during and after a flood

Flood Risk Management in Chicago

The flood management strategies used will depend upon many various factors. Our skilful technicians quickly identify all risks and present you with appropriate flood management solutions.