The Flood Control Recess Cover

Your new Norridge, IL will effortlessly disappear into any landscape so that no one knows it is there but you. Our unique recessed inspection covers are installed to match their surroundings. Whether your system is within your lawn, driveway, or parkway, we have a cover to match! Shrubbery, flowers, and grass grow and flourish around our recessed covers, so that the look of your Norridge, IL lawn is never compromised. We have the solution for you!

The Flood Control Preventer Plus

Introducing the top valve on the market! Unlike other valves that require a more hands-on approach, our Flood Control Preventer Plus keeps your Norridge, IL flooding system operating correctly so that you can focus on what matters – protecting your family. Many other valves out there require you to manually start them, and they even allow sewage to accumulate. Our valve, on the other hand, automatically shuts to a closed position when flooding is detected, but remains open otherwise. No intervention needed!

The Flood Control Ejector

What is so great about our special ½ HP Ejector driven pump? Glad you asked! Our pump makes sure that liquid is properly ejected out of the overflow compartment. Water flows through a bypass at an impressive rate of 134 gallons each minute. If your Norridge, IL home is experiencing flood conditions, rest assured that internal water can continue to be used without worry.

The Flood Control Basin

Our flood control basin (sometimes referred to as a finish block vault or precast basis) protects the different components of the flood control system. Installation is performed in a way that keeps maintenance in mind. Inside the basin, which is installed in your Norridge, IL location, is the plumbing, ejector pump, and preventer.

The Guardian

Check the status of your Norridge, IL swiftly and easily! The Xpert Flood Control Guardian makes checking the status of your pump a quick affair.