The Flood Control Recess Cover

Are you a bit concerned that your new flood control system at your Park Ridge, IL home will be a bit of an eyesore? Don’t worry at all. We have designed our recessed inspection covers so that they practically disappear into the landscape. With different covers for different installations – grass, parkway, and driveway – only you will know that it is there!

The Flood Control Preventer Plus

The Flood Control Preventer Plus is one of the most important keys to a quality flood system. At Xpert, our valve is ranked as the top of the market, and for good reason! With our valve, your system will require very little from you. Other valves require that owners manually start them if flooding should occur. Believe me, when flooding happens at your Park Ridge, IL home that will be the least of your worries with our valve that automatically closes when flooding begins. Stop worrying about your flood system and focus on what matters – ensuring that your family and possessions are safe from harm.

The Flood Control Ejector

Our state-of-the-art ½ HP Ejector Pump allows you to keep using internal water to your heart’s desire, even during a flood. Our pump ejects water through the overflow compartment, pumping it through the bypass at a speedy rate of 134 gallons per minute. Ensure that your Park Ridge, IL home is safe from flooding!

The Flood Control Basin

A precast basin, often referred to as a finish block vault or flood control basin is there to house all of the important components of your Park Ridge, IL flood control system. Inside you will find the ejector pump, preventer, and all of the associated plumbing. Maintenance is made easy with the quick-to-access flood control basin by Xpert.

The Guardian

Are you concerned about the status of your Park Ridge, IL flood control system? The Xpert Flood Control Guardian is here to ease your concerns. Check the status quickly and effortlessly!