North Riverside Flood Control

Known as “The Small Community With A Big Heart,” North Riverside is a community of hardworking individuals who enjoy living far enough away from big city life but still within easy access to everything Chicago has to offer. The residents enjoy exceptional village services including a sewer and water department that strives to provide for the needs of its residents and businesses.

You can contact the city during normal business hours at 708-447-4211 or by visiting the main office located at 2401 South Desplaines Avenue, North Riverside, IL 60546.

North Riverside programs available for flood control and basement flooding

At this time, we are not aware of any programs in North Riverside that assist homeowners with installing or repairing flood prevention systems or sewer systems. However, check back often for updated information as it is available. Even though North Riverside does not have a rebate program at this time, we can help you find an affordable solution to your flood and sewer problems.

Preventing home flooding in North Riverside, IL

Flooding in North Riverside is a serious problem for many homeowners. Water can enter your home from several sources including backed up sewers, broken sewer lines, cracks in your foundation and crawl spaces, spaces around doors, windows and sills and during times of heavy rain. Just a small amount of water can cause a large amount of damage to your home and to your property. That is why the flood experts at Xpert Flood Control & Seepage recommend that you install quality North Riverside flood control systems before flooding becomes an issue. Our staff can recommend affordable flood prevention measures for both your home and your business.

If you are dealing with sewer problems and need a North Riverside plumber, our experienced plumbing staff can help you diagnose the problem so that it can be quickly repaired. We use electronic locating and sewer cameras to find the exact problem – - we want to get the job done right the first time. Whether you need sewer line repair in North Riverside or you want to install one of the new overhead sewers, our plumbers will take good care of you and your home.

When you think North Riverside plumbing and flood control, think Xpert Flood Control and Seepage, Inc. We are here to help you find an affordable flood control system as well as take care of any sewer installation or sewer repair in North Riverside. Contact our office today by calling 1-773-267-5000 or emailing us at

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