Flood Control Ejector Pump and Sump Pump

ejector pump sump pump

TheSKV50 1/2 HP by Xpert is an entirely submersible ejector pump for use in handling waste water and sewage in residential and commercial building applications. We offer this pump automatic or manual configurations to our Arlington Heights clients.
Automatic models feature either a wide-angle mechanical float switch or a mechanical diaphragm switch with a piggyback plug-in arrangement. The switch is adjustable, easy to service and allows for simple conversion to manual operation.

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- Bottom screen-less inlet reduces clogs while providing optimum performance with minimal maintenance.
- High-capacity thermoplastic impeller handles solids up to 2 inches, effortlessly and efficiently.
- Standard 2” NDP discharge
- Superior cooling and lubrication of the oil-filled motor extend the life of the pump and minimize maintenance.
- Motor shaft is supported by upper and lower ball bearings – thereby minimizing friction and the effects of thrust loads.
- Power cord is water resistant and available in lengths of 10 or 20 feet.
- Cast Iron construction ensures a long life and assists with heat dissipation.
- Cool and quiet motor is energy-efficient and features automatic reset and thermal overload protection.

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