Xpert Exterior Drain Tile System

Drain Tile Installation

The Xpert exterior drain tile system will be installed along one of the outside perimeter walls or multiple walls of your Arlington Heights home. Depending on the severity of your flooding problem, the preparations for this procedure may begin with the placement of tarps 4′ from the foundation walls. These tarps ensure that your Arlington Heights home and lawn is protected from excavated materials. During the construction, excavated materials will be placed on the tarps, and 80% of that material will be reused as backfill. The next step in the process is removing shrubs, sidewalks (except vertical walkways which can be tunneled under) and driveways within 3′ of the foundation walls of your Arlington Heights Home.

As excavation begins Xpert’s professional installers will be checking your foundation for any cracks, wall ties or utility entrance holes that could be a potential source of water seepage. At the footing, Xpert prepares the bedding for the drain tile (ASTM D2729 perforated PVC) with #6 stone fill, the drain tile is placed on the bedding, alongside the footing, and is pitched at a ratio of 1/8″ per foot to assure proper flow ratio to its disbursement source. Vertical flush ports are installed at each corner of the system to provide future for service and maintenance purposes, which are provided by Xpert annually. In most cases, the system is pitched from two points to maintain proper placement against the footer. The drain tile is then brought to a sump pump, inside, outside or it may be tied into your sewer system (which is called a gravity drainage system).
Drain Tile Wall

Exact details depend on your Arlington Heights municipality’s code.

Your foundation walls will then be cleaned and a waterproofing membrane will be applied. A layer of visqueen or Xpert’s sheet drain system is used over the waterproofing membrane to seal out all moisture and disburse all waters to the drain tile below. Xpert then adds a foot of #6 stone fill and filters or stockings over the exposed draintile and begins the backfill process by tampering the back fill in 2′ lifts to grade, avoiding future settlement. All excess debris will then be removed, and shrubbery and sidewalks will be replaced (shrubbery and sidewalks are based on the contract’s description of work). We want to ensure that your Arlington Heights lawn is left in pristine condition!

Drain Tile Membrane
Drain Tile Membrane

  • The Xpert exterior drain tile system is installed along exterior perimeter of your home in Arlington Heights
  • We carefully excavate around foundation walls, and can re-use 80% of the dirt removed.
  • Foundations are checked for cracks or other sources of seepage.
  • Drain tile is placed in a bed of #6 washed stone.
  • Vertical flush ports are installed for annual maintenance – provided by Xpert.
  • Drain tile is fed to a sump pump or sewer system.
  • Foundation walls are cleaned and coated with a membrane.
  • Xpert sheet drain is then installed to provide further protection to your Arlington Heights foundation and to provide drainage.
  • After a careful backfill process, shrubs and sidewalks are replaced according to contract.

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