Xpert Exterior Drain Tile System

Drain Tile Installation

Your new exterior drain tile system by Xpert will be expertly installed along one or more perimeter walls outside of your home. Tarps are placed at approximately four feet from your Riverside, IL foundation, as a place for excavated materials to accumulate. This provides your lawn with protection while also providing the ability to re-use up to 80% of the materials that have been removed.

Everything within three feet of your Riverside, IL foundation (in the area where the exterior drain tile will be installed) will be moved or tunneled under if possible. This includes landscaping elements, walkways, and driveways. If there are sources of water seepage in your foundation, such as cracks or wall ties, Xpert will find them.

#6 stone fill is placed to create a bed for the ASTM D27229 perforated PVC drain tile. The drain tile is then placed using a pitch ratio of 1/8″ per foot. This ratio correctly directs water to the proper disbursement area.

Drain Tile Wall

Annual maintenance by Xpert is made easy due to the flush ports that are placed at each corner of your drain tile system. A two-point pitch increases support against the footers. Next, your system will be connected to a sump pump or to your sewer system. If it is connected to the sewer system, a gravity drainage system will be used as well.
Drain Tile Membrane
Xpert wants to ensure that all water is directed to the drain tile. Therefore, a waterproof membrane and a sheet drain system (by Xpert) are both applied to the wall of the foundation.

Twelve inches of stone fill #6 is precisely placed to cover the exposed drain. Backfill (made up of the excavated material) is then used and tampered with 2′ lifts to grade. Next, the entire area is prepared according to agreed terms. Shrubbery and walkways may be replaced.

Battery Backup

Interior Drain Tile

Sum and Ejector Pump

Sewer Lines and Drains