Xpert Interior Drain Tile System

Interior Drain Tile

The Interior Drain Tile System by Xpert, will be installed skirting the perimeter of one or two walls in your Riverside, IL home basement. When preparing for this project, portable items such as washers and dryers will be repositioned so that they are not near the wall. Other items, that are not moveable, like heaters, furnaces, and sinks, will likely be tunneled under. To avoid dust from escaping, plastic sheeting will be used to protect entrances that lead to the main area of the home.

interior drain tile installation

Our process has been carefully formulated to ensure that your home is left in excellent condition when we are through. Xpert installers will begin by excavating 14” of your Riverside, IL basement floor all the way down to the footing. This will happen along one or more perimeter walls. Next, a bed of #6 washed stone will be arranged along with the SDR35 perforated drain tile. The system will sport a pitch that measures 1/8” per foot. A split pitch running from point A to B will help to ensure that water flows properly. A sump pump, 1/3 to ½ hp ejector pump, will work to disperse all water to a designated area – either a sewer or exterior area. To make the system more accessible for future maintenance, flush ports are installed in each of the four corners. Annual maintenance is performed by Xpert. The Xpert Sheet Drain System that cups the foundation wall, #6 washed stone, and a filter are used to cover the system. Just in case there happens to be future settlement with your Riverside, IL home, a ½ gap will be left to protect the home. The area is then repaired – the work area is cleaned and the floor is re-cemented. If you wish to install a Battery Back-up, which is recommended by Xpert, the installation can take place alongside of Interior Drain Tile System.

Battery Backup

Exterior Drain Tile

Sum and Ejector Pump

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