Sewer Lines and Sewer Drains

sewer lines and drains

Xpert not only provides flood control services, but we also have over 30 years of experience repairing and installing sewer related products. If you are having issues with proper drainage, Xpert can help evaluate your specific needs and figure out a solution for your Riverside, IL home that will work for you.

Almost every home has a select few areas where drainage is an obstacle. Common areas include next to stairwells or on driveways. If you have standing water that is not draining correctly, we can figure out a plan. Trough drains and area drains are two options that may be employed, and often an existing drainage trap will demand repairs or may need to be expanded.

For areas that experience high traffic, newer precast concrete basins perform vastly better than traditionally used catch basins or intercept basins. If your basin is not functioning the way it should, a precast concrete basin may be the answer.

Damage to sewer lines can occur for any number of reasons – often due to tree roots continuing to grow. A rod out station is used to help improve the visibility of a problem area so that the next steps can be taken.

If the catch basin at your Riverside, IL home has collapsed, affecting your drainage, don’t worry, Xpert is here to help. We can repair a damaged catch basin, or if required, place a new, updated version.

Do you know if your Riverside, IL home is eligible for the City of Chicago’s Private Sewer Program? If so, we are a provider!

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