The Flood Control Recess Cover

A recessed inspection cover will be plated into your present lawn, so that you can effortlessly mow over it. The depth of the recessed cover was expertly designed by landscapers to allow grass, flowers, and shrubbery to grow. The recessed cover will seamlessly blend into any landscaping situation so that the beauty of your Arlington Heights home is never compromised. Need a driveway or parkway installation? Xpert also offers metal and concrete covers. No matter where you install your Arlington Heights flood control system, only you will know that it is there.

The Flood Control Preventer Plus

Here at Xpert, we take great pride in the Flood Control Preventer Plus. We consider this to be the finest and most dependable valve on the market today. Other valves out there have to either be turned on manually, started electronically, or they allow sewage to accumulate around the gate area preventing proper operation. Our Flood Control Preventer Plus model remains open until flooding occurs, and then closes automatically without any user intervention. Protect your Arlington Heights home with the best.

The Flood Control Ejector

The 1/2 HP Ejector driven pump ejects internal water and sewage from the overflow compartment at a rate of 134 gallons per minute through the bypass. This powerful feature means that if your Arlington Heights home endures flood conditions, you can rest assured that you can safely use all the internal water you want without fear of backup.

The Flood Control Basin

Xpert Flood Control installs a finish block vault (also known as a precast basin), to house various components of your Arlington Heights flood control system. This basin contains the preventer, the 1/2 HP ejector pump, and the associated plumbing. The basin is installed with lifelong access in mind, and will be easy to reach in the event of maintenance.

The Guardian

The Xpert Flood Control Guardian keeps you aware of your pump’s status at all times from inside your Arlington Heights home.

Battery Backup

Interior Drain Tile

Exterior Drain Tile

Sum and Ejector Pump

Sewer Lines and Drains