Xpert Interior Drain Tile System

Interior Drain Tile

Xpert is committed to leaving your home in excellent condition. In preparation for installing our Interior Drain Tile System, we first protect your home and belongings from dust and construction debris. Entrances to the home are sealed off with a plastic sheeting and portable items are moved out of harm’s way. If there are certain items in your Forest Park, IL home. that are fixed and immovable, a plan will be made to go around these items or they will be tunneled under.

interior drain tile installation

The next step is for Xpert’s installers to carefully remove about 14” of the floor of your Forest Park, IL basement along a perimeter wall or walls. Any construction debris that has been excavated will be cleaned up and removed. Next, #6 washed stone will be arranged around the footing – this is where the 4” SDR35 drain tile will be installed. A split pitch that goes from point A to B will work to ensure that there is a proper flow ratio to the disbursement source. The entire system is pitched at 1/8” per foot. A sup with an ejector pump, 1/3 to 1/2hp, is installed to disperse water to an area outside or into your sewer. At each corner of the system, vertical flush ports are installed. This simplifies access for future annual maintenance by Xpert. The entire system is then carefully covered with a filter and then #6 washed stone is used to top off the filter with an Xpert Sheet Drain System. A ½” gap is left, in case there is future settlement. To finish up, the floors are patched up and re-cemented, and the entire work area is cleaned. Your Forest Park, IL home will be as good as new! If you are in an area with constant power outages, consider a battery back-up system.

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Exterior Drain Tile

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