Sewer Lines and Sewer Drains

sewer lines and drains

Did you know that our company, Xpert Flood Control, has been installing sewer related products in the Forest Park, IL area for over 30 years? While our Flood Prevention products are used to resolve flooding issues, we also offer a line of sewer products that are intended to solve drainage issues!

Sometimes, when Forest Park, IL sewer lines become so inundated with tree roots and other material, they can no longer drain properly. When this happens, we install a rod out station to improve access to problem areas.

If a catch basin has collapsed, we can repair or replace with a new one. IF additional drainage is required in areas that are not draining well, such as stairwells or driveways, we can implement new drainage solutions such as area drains or trough drains. Drainage traps can be enlarged or repaired if a larger volume of water needs to be accommodated.

Precast concrete basins can be used to replace intercept basins and parking lot catch basins. Precast basins provide better support when it comes to high-volume traffic areas.

Provider of services for City of Chicago’s Private Sewer Program.

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Interior Drain Tile

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