Xpert Exterior Drain Tile System

Drain Tile Installation

Here at Xpert, we use a custom approach to ensure that your exterior drain tile system is installed correctly and that your Niles, IL home is left looking as good as new. An exterior drain tile system is placed along the exterior perimeter of your home, near one or two walls. To begin, tarps are laid approximately four feet from the foundation walls to protect your lawn from any materials that are excavated. The majority of these excavated materials, approximately 80% will be used as backfill later in the process.

The next step is for any materials that are in the way, within three feet of your foundation, to be carefully extracted. This includes shrubbery, driveways, and sidewalks. If walkways can be tunneled under, they will be.

Drain Tile Wall

The foundation of your Niles, IL home will be inspected for possible water seepage sources. Cracks, holes from utilities, and wall ties are all potential sources. A drain tile bedding will then be prepared, consisting of #6 stone fill, and then placed, followed by the drain tile (ASTM D2729 perforated PVC). A pitch ratio of 1/8″ per foot will help to ensure that water flows properly to wherever it will be dispersed.
Drain Tile Membrane
To make future annual maintenance (provided by Xpert) easier, flush ports will be placed at each corner of the system. The system will have two pitch points which will help maintain support against the footer. The finished drain tile will then be connected to either a sump pump or your sewer system, via a gravity drainage system.

The walls of your Niles, IL foundation will then be cleaned and covered with a waterproof membrane. Next, Xpert’s sheet drain system will be applied to ensure proper dispersion of water to the drain tile below.
Approximately 12″ of #6 stone fill will cover the exposed drain tile, followed by backfill. 2′ lifts to grade will be followed during the tampering process to help protect against settlement in the future. A contract agreed upon before beginning will detail what will happen with excavated shrubbery and walkways. If needed, Xpert will reinstall!

Battery Backup

Interior Drain Tile

Sum and Ejector Pump

Sewer Lines and Drains