Sewer Lines and Sewer Drains

sewer lines and drains

Flood Prevention products help when there are issues with flooding, but sometimes a lack of proper drainage is the problem! In that case, Xpert Flood Control is here to help. We have been installing sewer related products in the Niles, IL area for over 30 years.

Often, when sewer lines become clogged or damaged due to tree roots or other material, they no longer function properly, and drainage is compromised. A rod out station can then be used to help professionals gain access to the problem area or areas.

Sometimes an older catch basin collapses. If this is the case, Xpert can repair the damaged catch basin, or replace it with a new, updated version. Stairwells and driveways are sometimes problem areas when it comes to drainage. If you have an area that is not draining well, new drainage solutions can be implemented – including area drains and trough drains. When a large volume of water is not being properly accommodated, the drainage trap may need to be enlarged or repaired.

Does your intercept basin or catch basin need to be replaced? Consider a precast concrete basin – they are known to provide better support in areas that receive high traffic.

If your Niles, IL home is eligible for the City of Chicago’s Private Sewer Program, we are a provider!

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