Xpert Interior Drain Tile System

Interior Drain Tile

When installing our Interior Drain Tile System, we will first take measures to protect your home and belongings. The main areas of your home will be sealed off using a plastic sheeting at entrances. This helps protect dust from making its way through your Niles, IL home. Items that can be relocated will be placed out of the way. Fixed items, such as heaters and sinks will be tunneled around.

interior drain tile installation

Expect about 14” of the floor of your basement to excavated to make room for the system. The excavation will take place along one or more of the perimeter walls and will continue down to the footing. Xpert installers then remove all of the excavated materials from the premises. #6 washed stone will then be laid along with a 4” SDR35 perforated drain tile, along the footing. With a pitch of 1/8” per foot, the system will feature a split pitch from points A to B – this makes sure that the system has a proper flow ratio to where the water will be dispersed. A Sump featuring a 1/3 to ½hp ejector pump works to pump the water to an exterior area – either the sewer or outside of your home. In each of the four corners of your system, flush ports are placed which make future maintenance more accessible. The next step is to place the Xpert Sheet Drain System and #6 washed stone on top of the drain tile. Room is left incase settlement occurs. Everything is then cleaned up, and the floors are re-cemented, so that your Niles, IL home is as good as new! Battery back-up systems are an optional recommended addition!

Battery Backup

Exterior Drain Tile

Sum and Ejector Pump

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