Xpert Interior Drain Tile System

Interior Drain Tile

Here at Xpert, we use a unique Interior Drain Tile System. To install our system, we prepare in a number of ways. Moveable items are carefully positioned out of the way, while immovable items such as hot water heaters and sinks are carefully maneuvered around or tunneled under. To provide protection for the rest of your Norridge, IL home, the entrances will be carefully covered with a plastic sheeting to prevent dust from escaping into main areas.

interior drain tile installation

Prepare for approximately 14” of your Norridge, IL basement floor to be excavated along one or more of the perimeter walls. Excavation will continue all the way down to the footing. All construction materials from this process will be removed by the Xpert team. Next, a bed of washed stone, #6, is put alongside the footing. This is where the 4” SDR35 perforated drain tile will also be installed. The system will have a pitch of 1/8” per foot, and a split pitch that goes from point A to point B – this guarantees that a proper flow ratio will occur. The sump ejector pump will pump water to the sewer or to another convenient area outside of your Norridge, IL home. Vertical flush ports will next be installed in the corners of the system to allow for ease of maintenance in the future. Remember, Xpert provides maintenance annually. A filter, #6 washed stone, and the Xpert Sheet Drain System are used to cover the system. A gap of ½” is left incase settlement happens to occur in the future. The floors of your home will then be expertly re-cemented, to look like new, and the entire area will be carefully cleaned. If you wish to purchase a Battery Back-up for your system, Xpert is here to meet your needs.

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