Xpert Exterior Drain Tile System

Drain Tile Installation

A new drain tile system can make a big difference for protecting your home from flooding and standing water damage. Xpert makes sure that it is done right! We install your system along one or more of your exterior perimeter walls using a time-tested system. In an effort to reuse as much as 80% of the excavated materials, and protect your Park Ridge, IL lawn, tarps are arranged about 48″ from your foundation.

Shrubbery, walkways, and driveways that are within three feet of your foundation will either be removed or tunneled under if possible. We then thoroughly inspect your home’s foundation for potential sources of water leakage. Holes where utilities enter and exit the home, cracks and wall ties are common problem areas.
Drain Tile Wall

The next step is to use #6 stone fill to create a bedding for the drain tile. The drain tile, model ASTM D2729 perforated PVC, is then placed on top of the bedding. With a pitch ratio of 1/8″ per foot, water is directed to the disbursement area.
Drain Tile Membrane
Annual maintenance (performed by Xpert) is made easier after flush ports are installed on each corner of your new system. The system is pitched at two points to increase support. Next, your system will be tied to either a sump pump or to the sewer system (utilizing a gravity drainage system).

A waterproof membrane, followed by a sheet drain system by Xpert, are then applied to the foundation walls. This helps to ensure that water is properly directed to the drain tile.

The entire area will then be cleaned up in accordance with previously agreed upon terms. 1′ of stone fill, #6, covers the exposed drain, followed by backfill. Incase settlement occurs in the future, the backfill is tampered with 2′ lifts to grade. Your Park Ridge, IL home now as a brand new exterior drain tile system!

Battery Backup

Interior Drain Tile

Sum and Ejector Pump

Sewer Lines and Drains