Xpert Interior Drain Tile System

Interior Drain Tile

Our Interior Drain Tile System at Xpert, is installed using a systematic approach. Along one or more of the basement walls of your Park Ridge, IL home, the area will be prepared for installation. To begin, all portable items will be moved – such as washers and dryers. If an item is not portable, such as sinks and hot water heaters – Xpert will generally tunnel under them. To protect other areas of the home from being exposed to dust, a plastic sheeting will be employed to cover entrances.

interior drain tile installation

Xpert’s installers carefully and systematically remove approximately 14” from the perimeter of your basement floor. The work area is organized, with all excavated materials being removed. Next, alongside the footing, Xpert arranges a bed of #6 washed stone. The 4” SDR35 perforated drain tile will then be placed. The entire system will feature a pitch that measures 1/8” per foot. A split pitch runs from point A to point B – this helps to ensure that water flows properly to the designated disbursement outlet. All liquid is directed to an area outside your home, or to the sewer, by a sump featuring a 1/3 to 1/2 hp ejector pump. To make annual maintenance (performed by Xpert) easier, flush ports are positioned at each corner. A filter, #6 washed stone, and our special Xpert Sheet Drain System, all cover the system and cup the foundation wall. Because settlement often occurs with homes, a 1/2” gap is left to prevent cracks. In conclusion, Xpert will re-cement your Park Ridge, IL home basement floors and clean everything up within the work area. You will then have a new Interior Drain Tile System! Battery back-ups are recommended, especially in areas where power outages are common.

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Exterior Drain Tile

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