Sewer Lines and Sewer Drains

sewer lines and drains

Are you experiencing trouble with drainage on your Park Ridge, IL property? If so, call our team of experts with over 30 years of experience evaluating and solving sewer related problems. Xpert is here to take care of all of your Park Ridge, IL drainage needs!

Is there an area on your property where water seems to stand still or drain much more slowly than everywhere else? This is very common, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Common problem areas are often on driveways or nearby stairwells. If this is happening at your Park Ridge, IL home, Xpert can figure out a solution that will work for you. Sometimes, it is as simple as repairing or enlarging an existing drainage trap. Trough drain and area drain installation are two other standard options.

High traffic areas sometimes experience damage more quickly than other domains. If you find that your catch basin or intercept basin is functioning below standard, a newer precast concrete basin may be your answer. Precast concrete basins are shown to be more durable and provide better support than options of the past. Alternatively, Xpert can repair a damaged catch basin.

If you find that your sewer lines have been damaged, which can happen for many reasons, a rod station can help in assessing the problem. A rod station increases the visibility of a problem area so that a plan can be made.

Your Park Ridge, IL home may be eligible for the City of Chicago’s Private Sewer Program. If so, we are a provider!

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